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Finding Peace

by Jansen O. Young on Dec 22, 2023

Finding Peace

Everyone says it, I don’t know who originally said it, but the saying goes: “You can’t make everyone happy”. And maybe I can’t, but I sure as $H!T can try.

So I launch my first product, which I’m in love with, right?! And strangers start buying my product which is like MIND BLOWING! Then, I start getting reviews, not just any reviews, 5-STAR REVIEWS! People actually like the product I made, and I didn’t even have to ask them to like it!

The first couple of weeks of this, was like a positive reinforcement dream. I was feeling so good about myself, it was like constant validation! But in the back of my mind, I had constant fear. Thoughts running through my head like: “What if sales start to tank, I’m only a couple weeks in, I still have 450 units to sell” "Can I do it?!” “What happens when I get a bad review?!”

In this journey, I’ve heard a lot of other entrepreneurs say, that people who want to join this lifestyle are “crazy, Its sleepless nights, and empty bank accounts, and constant stress” Well, as we’ve already established, I am literally on a wait list for therapy…. Really though, I must be crazy, because why am I so pulled toward this life?! I will tell you why. It is all of those things! BUT SO MUCH MORE! It is so rewarding, and freeing, and fun! And well, a little chaotic at times, which is like the thrill of it I guess! (But I’ll save the deep dive on my chase for chaos for a later blog post.)

What I’ve learned from these other entrepreneurs that have come before me, is that these feelings of fear, are totally normal, and why its also so important to work on that mindset everyone is always talking about.

And then the inevitable happened, I got my first bad review.

The worst part was, it was someone who already had left me a 5-star review, she liked my product, and then found something she didn’t like, Rightfully so. She turned her 5-star review into a 3-star review. And at this point in time, you might be thinking, “3-stars.. thats not so bad” Trust me, its bad! When you are in love with something you created, and lets face it - bias. 3 stars is like someone ripped your heart out, tore it into pieces, threw it on the ground, stomped on it, and then lit it on fire! It hurts. ITS CRUSHING!

Obviously, I saw this, and I was sick to my tummy. I would have done anything to make this right. I wanted to give her a refund, and a new one, I wanted to prove to her that it is as good as I think it is! I wanted so bad to fix this for her. But how?! Amazon is pretty particular about reviews and review manipulation is like an Amazon Seller’s nightmare (I’ve heard the stories). I tried to let roll off my shoulders, it was still 3-stars, but I just couldn’t. Finally, after three days, I was able to talk with a seasoned seller. (So grateful for Rainmakers-see previous post) They walked me through the process of being able to reach out to this person in an approved way on Amazon, and offer them a refund. Which I did. The reviewer, accepted the refund, and I then I was able to offer them a new enclosure to give us a second chance should they want it. They also accepted that. I never once asked her to change her review, A: because, the 3-star review was honestly probably generous given the circumstance, and B: ALL I WANTED WAS TO MAKE IT RIGHT!

This business, and this product, is like my baby. Getting that review made me realize, that even though I started this business for money, it has become about something so much more. Now it has become about making people happy with the baby I created. I want people to “Find JOY” in what I offer them. In this moment, my mission became so real. It was the moment that set me apart from someone who just works a job, or works for money, to someone who works for something they are proud of.

I’ll be honest, I was hoping she would change her review, I was scared to have a bad review, but I knew it was deserved. I also was hoping against hope that her review was like a total fluke, and no one else would experience this issue. HA! Well obviously, that’s why entrepreneurship is so hard, nothing is as easy as just being a fluke.

Just so you are not left hanging, she did change her review back to a 5-star. Which gave me the warm and fuzzies that I did do something right!

Then a few days later, I got a second 3-star review, different problem, but similar… Then another!

At this point I know this is not a fluke, I have a product defect. WHAH WHAH WHAH!

Look, you wouldn’t give up on a baby that had a disability, but dang, would you worry about their continued success. And I was stressing, I was on the edge of my seat all the time, like when does the other shoe drop? Then I got another report. Three in one week, it was a text from a friend. At this point I have already gone to the manufacturer and worked with them to ensure this does not happen for future orders, but how do I fix my current stock?! Do I pull all my stock and start over?!

Statistically, defects usually affect 2-5% of stock when they happen. I like those odds, but people are two and half times more likely voice their opinion about something unsatisfactory over something satisfactory. I’m less excited about those odds, can my business really handle 25 bad reviews?! The answer is no, not in its beginning.

So where do I go from here?!

I recently saw a reel that was like “Help, I got a real job and now people keep emailing with questions and I don’t know the answers to”. That’s basically how I feel running my own business, like all the sudden I’m the leader, and I make the rules and I’m supposed to have all the answers and welp… I’m just making it up as I go! Pulling my stock though it is an option, is the option that would move me into bankruptcy. So, I had to get creative. I created a warranty certificate, and users manual, and started trying to send communications with each of my buyers to explain that they may encounter this issue and what to look for/how to get refunded or help with their purchase. These outlets do not lead me to income, they will lead me to needing to owe money on some of my inventory, but what they create, are customers who feel joy. Which in turn brings me joy, and this defines my business. This is also probably the moment in time that I realized my business is not about the money, so I think that means I’m on the right path. ;)

Do negative reviews still hurt?! Of course! I do not have an answer for how to not take these reviews personally, I LOVE MY BABY! Do I stress with each email I send to customers about a possible defect, and worse, each time I get a notification of an incoming email from a customer..? Uh, Yeah! My heart falls to floor while opening these.

BUT! I have found peace knowing that if I cant offer them the best of the best on their product, then at least I can offer them the best of the best customer care. Because, I do care. I can not help that I had a manufacturing defect, that part is out of my control, but the way I handle it is within my control. It is the defining factor that sets my business apart from others.

Building a business is proving to be difficult for every reason those before me mention, it is trying, and is hard on my already tarnished mental health, but it is pushing my limits in all the healthy ways too. It fortifies who I am and what I want my business to stand for, it builds confidence, and it is self rewarding in more ways than just the paycheck. I am able to set goals and complete them which has proven to be part of my purpose of life.

I recognize, trying to make everyone happy could lead me down a road where the only person unhappy is me. And maybe I won’t be able to always make everyone happy even in trying, but I truly believe, I can always find a way to agree that is fair and true to what I want my business to be.

Each review provides feedback, and I am slowly learning how to take them with grace while also improving my products, and business. The feedback is invaluable for growth, and that is my continual goal in this journey.

But the positive reviews don’t hurt either! ;)

Which leads me to gratitude. I have so much to be grateful for. Like Rainmakers, for getting me started on this journey, and I have gratitude for this journey, for pushing me to be better. But I have so much gratitude for all of my customers. I need to get this right to help pay it forward. So Thank you to all the buyers who help keep me in business, and thank you for all the feedback, even the bad feedback. Most of all, thank you for the positive reinforcement, when I do get it right!! Thank you to Madly Macabre for a photo after my own heart!


This is on brand. A total stranger, that I brought joy, who was able to return it back to me, even if they never know, I see you, and I’m grateful!

The more I lean into this, even with the struggles, the more joy I encounter. I get to be surrounded by feel good endorphins of accomplishment, validation, gratitude, reward, peace, and over all joy. It is a journey, but through it, I continue to Find JOY.

Jansen O. Young