Owned and Operated with JOY!

We see you, Unicorn.

We believe in following your heart and dreams to lead you to joy no matter what others say or what that looks like.
Harm no one and do you boo, Find your inner joy!
Be it in hobbies, beauty, decor or more we encourage you find joy in the small things and let the big things follow. We think everyone's joy is unique and something to be celebrated without judgement. We believe in providing a safe space to let your weird shine! So show off that spooky cute style, collect the oddities, love on the exotic pets and just let your Authentic JOY out!
Being Authentic is special even when its different, and that is why we believe celebrating it makes you a Unicorn.

Meet the CEO

Jansen O. Young (J.O.Y)

The CEO of Finding JOY Enterprises has been on a journey to finding JOY and advocating as others do the same. You can read more about her business adventures' on her business blog

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